135 and Voyager Tennis Academy

Voyager Academy players have access to 135 Tennis Analytics memberships for $120 per year instead of the usual $190. Membership is required to continue using the 135 App and have your player’s tagged video and highlights stored in the cloud.

Please note, the 135 Analyser will be available for testing by Voyager Academy members in the next 6 weeks. The Analyser is our web-based system that allows players, parents and coaches to view progress over time, store and view uploaded video including videos tagged by us for consultations with Voyager players.

The 135 Analyser will make it so much easier for your player and their Voyager coach to plan lessons based on real data, rather than guessing what happened in matches.

If you have any questions please email info@135tennisanalytics.com

AU$120.00 per family every 12 months until cancelled