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135 Tennis Analytics started as GT STATS, an app that gives parents, coaches and players the ability to record match analytics. Now called the 135 App, it was the first tennis analytics app available on both iOS and Android devices.

In the last 5 years, we have evolved into so much more than an app. The 135 analytics framework is, literally, game changing, and is being used by successful coaches, players, academies and schools. It has required the addition of products and services that provide measurable and visual outputs for coaches, players and parents.

We only work with players through their coach. We partner with a limited number of organisations worldwide, providing our resources, consulting, technology and systems hands-on, rather than “sell and forget” tech plans.

As a result, our technology and services are highly customised to the needs of the organisation with which we’re working, whether it’s a national federation, a college or school team, or academy.

135 Research

135’s Director, co-founder and coach, Nicholas Scott, developed the 135 framework. It provides coaches, players, parents and teams with an understanding of how tennis is played at all competitive levels, with age and standard based benchmarking based on exhaustive research.

Part of the aim is to avoid “pigeon-holing” players by providing data on pro level matches and applying it to all players. For example, while factual, the statement “70% of all rallies end in 0-4 shots” doesn’t help individuals target the areas of their games that require additional work to improve. 135 gives players measurable data. If it’s measurable, it can be improved.

Our research and benchmarking is based on men’s and women’s tennis, singles and doubles.

135 Testimonials


Consulting – Group

Nick’s presentations are highly informative, entertaining and engaging. Nick presents in person and online to:

  • Associations and federations.
  • Coaches (either from the same academy / school or groups from different locations).
  • Parents and players.

Nick has been engaged by federations and academies to better educate tennis coaches on the 135 framework. The aim is to provide participants with our research, using examples, on how tennis is played by individual pros and higher level players. This also includes examples of on-court drills and coaching strategies. 

Consulting – Player

Nick has vast experience with developing young players right through to college and pro players. For the last year, Nick has worked as part of Thanasi Kokkinakis’ team (and with Thanasi directly) on his game using 135 Tennis Analytics. Thanasi’s record since Nick came to his team:

  • First ATP singles title.
  • First Grand Slam Doubles title.
  • Singles world ranking from 180 in July, 2021 to a career high 69 in July, 2022.
  • Doubles world ranking from 300s in 2021 to 27.

The way 135 has been developed means that profiling and improvement can be measured for players of any competitive standard, not just pros.


135 App

The 135 Tennis Analytics App has been on both the App Store and Play Store since 2017. It is the only app for recording analytics that allows users to record and measure rally length according to the 135 framework.

We are firm believers in forced errors being credited to the player who forced the error. The 135 App groups winners and forced errors together, rather than grouping forced errors with unforced errors. This helps encourage players to force the play against their opponent, rather than going for winners.

135 Analyser

When match data is uploaded to the 135 Analyser, users not only see results of one match, but results and improvement over time and over multiple matches. The filters that can be used are limited only by imagination and can be customised.

The 135 Analyser can also be used to upload match footage, where either analytics have been recorded live at the court, or replayed later. The resulting video can then be sorted such that all users can filter match recordings by one, or multiple, metrics.

The 135 Analyser is match tagging software developed specifically for tennis and for the 135 framework. It can be used by individuals for their own game, or by coaches for the games of multiple players, both singles and doubles.

135 Camera

135 Cam is a camera and fence mount system developed specifically for tennis by 135. You don’t need a 135 camera – the mount can be used for everything from Go Pros to mobile phones. 135 Cam has been developed specifically for tennis and to complement 135’s other tech products.

It’s important that players are able to see themselves play. The 135 Cam is affordable for the individual and school/college team alike.



Resources for Coaches, Players and Parents

135 provides its partner coaches with resources such as on-court drills, video examples and access to all their players’ analytics and footage over time. 

Most coaches find our video resources invaluable to their coaching programs, because they give the coach the ability to display upcoming session objectives and practice drills based on visual examples.

Summary and Next Steps

135 Tennis Analytics is not just an app, nor is it just tech. It’s a framework of analytics which provides users with the ability to measure and improve, while also providing the technology options to back it up.

Please get in touch with us today to discuss any of the above options for your academy, school or college. Contact Nick on +61 408 433 720 or You can also use the form below. We’ll set up an online video call to discuss your needs further.

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