135 Analytics of Juniors, Part 2

Part 2 of our junior analytics from Tarbes, 2022 is the Boys final. Both boys are 13 years old. Again, we’ll start with a quick look at the broad match numbers

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135 Analytics of Juniors, Part 1

Julia Stusek v Hannah Klugman Tarbes Final 2022

We’ve run the analytics on the final of Tarbes, a big junior tournament in France, to have a look at the 135 numbers of the match, and one player in particular.

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Recording Errors

If players want to improve, they have to know about their errors. Tennis has always made this process very confusing by only reporting unforced errors, rather than the difference between

Junior Player Profiles from Around the World

Les Petits As is Europe’s equivalent of the Orange Bowl. It’s for U14 players. We’ve trawled through the matches to see what Australian players can learn from their European counterparts. As you would expect, their 135 profiles, tactics and strategies are already well developed.

Do 135 Profiles Change from Juniors to Pros?

In December 2013, two 15 year old Americans played in the final of the Orange Bowl International Championships for juniors. Fast forward 5 years and they played again as 20 year olds on the pro tour. We analysed both matches to determine how their 135 profiles had developed, and what parents and players can learn from…..

Tennis Surfaces and how they impact rally length

It has been written that shorter rallies are just as prevalent on clay as they are on a hard court. True. As usual, though, we need to dig deeper because there are large changes in the context of 135 that coaches, players and parents need to know.

Traditional Tennis Stats – You can ignore most of them

If you’re looking at “% of points won on 1st serve”, or “pressure points”, or “winners to unforced errors”, or even “break point conversions”, you’re looking at the wrong thing. We know the TV will report on those stats, but to truly understand tennis and measure your game, you need to delve into different numbers. Here’s how.