135 Working with Tennis Canada

135 TENNIS ANALYTICS WORKING WITH TENNIS CANADA We are incredibly excited to be working with Tennis Canada starting in March, 2023. Our education programs, systems and software will be implemented with TC’s “top prospect” players initially, then filter through the TC ecosystem over time. Please see the article below on The First Serve website and … Read more

Using the 135 App Scroller

The pros have moved on to the US hard court season and we had a classic example of why being able to see analytics at any stage of a match can be so important. Thanasi Kokkinakis played Fernando Verdasco in the first round in Los Carbos

June Workshops Part 1

In Part 1 of June workshops, we look at the way tennis analytics are displayed on TV and started to discuss how we need to measure improvement by recording the difference between a forced and an unforced error.

June Workshops Part 2

In Part 2 of our Workshops, we looked at how analytics tell the story of each point, “big data” and some of the stats that don’t matter.

June Workshops Part 3

In Part 3 of our June Workshops, we look at Player Profiling, Hard court v Clay court tennis, and the most common strategy mistakes made by developing players.

Forced Errors and Unforced Errors – Where to Start

Forced Errors and Unforced Errors – Where to Start The difference between forced errors and unforced errors can be a little confusing for parents and juniors starting out in tennis. It gets more complicated when we add winners to the list. The first thing to realize is that forced errors are rarely reported by TV … Read more