The 135 Framework of tennis analytics is already leading the world in how to measure, benchmark and improve players over time, not to mention scout opponents using 135 profiling. It’s part of the reason Tennis Canada chose to work with 135, implementing technology and systems into the Canadian tennis ecosystem, and even becoming part of Level 3 Coach Certification programs in Canada starting this Summer.

Artificial Intelligence to match the framework and current technology is the final piece of the 135 puzzle, and it’s coming to current 135 coaches, teams and players in 2023 through a partnership with AI developers in North America. Like all our technology, the addition of AI will only be provided to players through coaches.

There are already systems in tennis that use AI to provide feedback to players and coaches, measuring shot type, ball speed, player position etc.¬†¬†While AI to produce that sort of information in a useable and simple way has been one of our AI focuses, it’s only part of what we set out to achieve.

135 profiling relies on the ability to differentiate between forced and unforced errors. Through a process of rules and machine learning, 135’s systems will achieve this, and soon. The other difficulty with AI is scoring. The score is a vital part of tennis analytics, but AI scores according to what it sees – balls just out or just in for example – not necessarily what a player sees or calls.

135’s AI will manage the scoring process through systems designed to measure point scoring probabilities that can be corrected retroactively down the track. No need for players to record the score on their watch or other device.

Adding AI to 135’s current technology is truly game changing. Plenty more to say in coming weeks and months!

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