The following outlines the way in which 135 will work with AMA, its coaches and players, to achieve better outcomes for players using 135’s systems, education and technology.

135 is committed to long term relationships with partner coaches and academies. All education, technology and services will be provided through AMA coaches, rather than independent of them. It is vital that 135 forms part of the AMA team and program over time, rather than an external service provided only to certain players.


135’s initial objective is to add value to the AMA program, and continue to do so over time. It is important to note that 135 is a service, not just a tech product. 

Further, our objective is to assist aspirational juniors in becoming better tennis players, not just better hitters of a tennis ball. We do this by understanding that each player is an individual and, as such, each AMA player will have different strengths and weaknesses.

Through an ongoing process of profiling, benchmarking and measuring, 135 closes the developmental loop between match court, player, parent and coach.


Start with a Framework of Analytics that helps aspirational players understand how tennis is played.

Profile a player’s game, Benchmark them against others, and continue to Measure improvement over time.

Support the process with 135 Technology to watch and filter player video, and produce reports on academy players


Analytics for strategy and tactics


The way you play is individual


By age/stage, international and local


Performance & improvement over time


Record, review and filter results


135 does not provide players, parents and coaches with one-off reports of a player’s stats. Our analytics is about progress of the player, and therefore must be viewed as a process that supports their development, rather than a set and forget statement about one match.

Player Profiles describe the way in which a player wins and loses matches using the 135 Framework, with output from 135’s Technology (App and Analyser). Player Benchmarking is based on our relationships with academies and federations around the world, as well as statistical analysis of the best players at the highest level tournaments. Continuing to measure player progress is the most vital element to attaining matchplay goals.

135’s Reporting is generated directly from the 135 Analyser and can be integrated into any AMA reports for individual players. The 135 Analyser is also where players, parents and coaches can view further player metrics and filter match footage by any number of metrics.

A sample Player Report can be found on this link. Please note this is a SILVER / GOLD / PLATINUM level report. BRONZE reports do not contain the final page.


We work towards a goal of becoming a compulsory resource for AMA players above a certain level, as well as for new players to the AMA program.

Implementation is in 3 stages:

  1. Profile and consult to one of AMA’s top players to demonstrate benefits to AMA’s Director (complete).
  2. Profile and consult to a further 4 AMA players at a cost of $ per player.
  3. Roll out to the remainder of the playing group, includes site visit with education etc.


The prices outlined below assume at least 10 players using 135’s systems. Prices are all “per school term” and are in CAD.


$ 99 per term
  • Analytics by Player
  • 2 Matches
  • Automated Reporting
  • Unlimited Additional Data Uploads


$ per term
  • Analytics by 135
  • 2 Matches
  • 135 debrief with Coach
  • Customised Report
  • Unlimited Additional Data Uploads


$ per term
  • Analytics by 135 or 135 A.I.
  • 4 Matches
  • Consult with Player/Parent/Coach
  • Customised Report
  • Unlimited Additional Data Uploads


$ Untimed
  • Analytics by 135 or 135 A.I.
  • 10 Matches
  • 3 Consults Player/Parent/Coach
  • 3 Customised Reports
  • Unlimited Additional Data Uploads
  • Match Prep Reports Where Data Available

Please note, upgrading from Bronze pricing to a higher level can be done at any time during the course of a term. Provided $ was paid at the start of term, pricing for Silver will be the difference between Bronze and Silver ie $.


  • 2 x 135 cameras and mounting system will be provided free of charge when 10 or more players are participating.
  • 135’s Director and Head of Analysis will personally visit AMA to present to players, parents and coaches to assist in the roll-out of 135’s systems (after at least 20 players are participating).
  • Other education will take place online, including player consults, 135 App training etc.
  • Automated reports are sourced directly from the 135 Analyser.
  • Development reports are prepared by a 135 Analyst who will suggest areas that require attention in the coming period, and discuss these with the player’s coach.
  • 135’s A.I. is used for Platinum and Gold players. Our A.I. adds an extra dimension to player analytics by measuring aspects of a player’s game like player position, ball position at contact point, ball speed, height over the net and many others.
  • Players, parents and coaches are free to use the 135 App to record analytics and upload them to the 135 Analyser in between match recording periods at no cost (data only, training provided).
  • 135 will provide regular sessions with players, parents and coaches to discuss analytics – important addition to any academy program.
  • New players to the AMA program will receive service at the Silver level at a reduced rate of $ (1st time only).


135 provides its services at no physical cost to academies. There will always be an initial period of training and education to ensure take-up. This goes for players, parents and coaches. 

In time, 135’s involvement in the consulting side of player development will diminish, to be taken on by a coach within AMA, trained by 135 to do the job. As this process develops, it is also expected that a dollar amount from each player participating in 135 consults will be retained by AMA, while 135 will continue to consult directly to that coach rather than the playing group as a whole. 


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