Ever been confused by how 0-4, 5-8, 9+ rally length data applies to you or your player? The 135 Framework provides an understanding of rally patterns and shot sequences, rather than “big data” analytics.


You’re a coach who wants data analysis, not just outputs that require extra work……or a parent/player who’s not sure what to look for. There’s a big difference between analytics and analysis.


Our tech is state-of-the-art, but it’s designed to support coaches and players by measuring and benchmarking matchplay over time, and improving the tennis IQ of your players.

135 Testimonials

Profile, Benchmark, Measure

There’s more to tennis analytics than errors and winners. Yes, as a coach, player or parent, we want to know that your forehand leaks unforced errors, but the key to analysis is answering “WHY”. Is it technical, tactical or maybe something else? 


Tennis is a sport of risk/reward, and score is the biggest contributing factor to that decision making.


135 metrics reveal the strategies and tactics that work for players and those that need practice. Tennis is individual.


Sometimes it’s a huge benefit for junior players to see the effect of their behavior – both positive and negative – on the outcome of the following point, or points.


135 is not a one-off report. Our engagement with coaches and players is ongoing, because what we can measure, we can improve over time.

Message to Parents

You’re a parent of a child who is showing potential as a tennis player. Perhaps most importantly, they love it, and want to make it as a college player, or even a pro. The one thing you don’t want to tell them is “you can’t”. 

I’ve been that parent. I’ve been the coach of many players just like your child. Tennis has become exceedingly good (in most cases) at teaching junior players how to hit balls, but playing tennis is so much more than hitting balls.

The problem is how do you  effectively measure your child’s play as they develop. Not their forehand swing or their service motion, but what they do when they play. Moreover, the effective measure of how they play must be reportable, easy to understand, and be an ongoing process. Numbers on a screen aren’t good enough for the vast majority, nor is cut-up footage.

That’s where 135 provides an edge to your child through their coach. By using 135 they, and you, will know their tactical strengths and weaknesses at regular intervals. It’s why Tennis Canada use 135 for junior player development.

Nicholas Scott
Director / Analyst, 135 Tennis Analytics

Who is 135?

135 is a network of academies and coaches around the world, supported by the systems and eduication developed by its co-founders

Nicholas Scott

Analyst, Educator and presenter

Nick is a co-founder of 135 Tennis Analytics and the 135 Framework. Nick has worked with top 100 ATP and WTA players, college players and juniors of all levels as a coach and analyst, all using the 135 Framework to measure and develop player performance.

Aaron Robertson-Hodder

Software, systems & hardware development

Aaron is a co-founder of 135 Tennis Analytics and the director of all 135's software development. Aaron is also responsible for software customization requirements for all 135's clients and the ongoing development and integration of the 135 Camera.